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Roller Rig Production

Hunterdon County's most robust suite of video production services. Take a look around or just send a message!

"Rolling on your business, event, vehicle, property & more!"


From boosting your business's public image to Camera Tutorials, there's something for everyone!

Commercial Production

TV Spots, Music Videos, Social Media Content and more!

Automotive Production

Like a selfie for your ride, Roller Rig brings you a host of highly capable and unique filming platforms to showcase your vehicle.

Aerial Production

Unbound from the Ground! Part 107 Commercially Certified drone operation for your home, business, and community.

Camera Chris Consulting

Its okay to not know, merely knowing you don't know is the first step in learning new skills to help yourself or your business.


The approach to showcasing your subject starts in reverse. What is the intended purpose of this media? Working backwards from the end goal is how we develop the steps we take to create your video. Its quite easy, really.

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