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Roller Rig Aerial Imaging

Unbound from the ground! Take your perspective to new heights with Rotor Rig- Part 107 Commercially Certified so you know things are on the "up and up" (no pun intended).

Roller Rig Aerial Packages

Going where no tripod dares, Roller Rig provides you with the photo and video assets you need for your business, organization, or event. Keepsake photo missions are a great gift for your family and friends!


  • Real Estate- Commercial & Private

  • Building Inspections

  • Commercial Business

  • Construction

  • Preservation Organizations

  • Civil/ Community Applications


  • Real Estate Video & Stills

  • Targeted POI Assessments

  • Commercial Showcase

  • Building Project Progress

  • Acquisition & Preservation Imaging

  • Event Coverage


  • Showcase entirety of your property

  • Ensure optimal building operations

  • Business Promotion & Familiarization

  • Cover every angle of your subject

  • Appeal to investors

  • Contribute to community perception

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