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Behind the Lens

"Camera Chris" 

Like many others, it all started with an infatuation with the family video camera.


In 2006 I discovered my high school's TV station. Upon seeing the chaotic mess of cameras, lights, wires and more, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Filming everything from school sports to concerts and events, I fused my multitude of interests to go on filming things that conjured joy.

After being recognized as an "Amazing Kid in Business" for my production work in high school, I attended a rigorous Film School in Winter Park, Florida and came out with a Bachelors Degree in Film Science.

Upon the completion of my collegiate experience, I worked countless positions in the production industry, slowly but surely honing in on the elements and variables which made the industry a necessity.

While digressing from the "entertainment" side of production, I realized my skillset can benefit any person or entity who had a message to put out there.

As my peers migrated to major cities, they would tell me to follow the same path, but that wasn't my target market.

I realized that producing content for small businesses meant significantly more to the end recipient.

Nearly a third of my experience has been working in concert with advertising agencies where I accrued an understanding of the most fundamental basics of how a camera is used to drive and support markets, economies, ideas, and the bottom line of entities small and large.

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